Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and so does planning a bridal shower. So if you are a maid of honor and you have been charged with planning the bridal shower then you have to create a checklist. So you ask, What is a checklist? A checklist is a list that contains things that need to be done, recommendations, points to consider and it is also used as a reminder.

Now don’t let the planning scare you as far as you have a bridal shower checklist all will be fine, here is a bridal shower checklist that breaks down all the fun of the pre-wedding party ;

3 Months 




For a great bridal shower your plans have to start from around this time. Here’s you should be doing;

  • Set date.
  • Request guest list from bride.
  • Confirm venue.
  • Order invitations.
  • Decide theme.
  • Set a budget.

6-3 weeks to the D-day here is what you should be doing;




  • Put the address list together.
  • Send an Email of the travel date to the Out-of-town guest.
  • Have a meeting with all those planning to brainstorm ideas for decor, menu and so on.
  • Place orders for tables, chairs, linens, and other rentals necessary.
  • Delegate tasks and DIY projects to the committee.

1 Month to D-day, Here is what you should be doing;

  • Purchase items for food prep/serving, favors and decor.
  • Pick out flowers and Decors also purchase paper products.
  • Select games, music, icebreakers and other activities.
  • Check in on anyone making or bringing items.

1 Week to Date

  • Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d.
  • Decide layout.
  • Assemble and prepare favors also order for balloons.
  • Purchase food and make a schedule for when to prepare food.

1 day to the Bridal Shower



  • Prepare food that can be made ahead.
  • Pick up flowers, balloons, and any purchased food or cake.
  • Prepare seating area.
  • Set up food and drink serving areas.

The Bridal Shower Day

  • Make sure house or venue is clean and smells nice.
  • Display balloons, and decorate space.
  • Set out drinks and food.
  • Have fun!

This bridal shower checklist is your guide get planning today!!! +2 more

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