Nude Inspired Makeup Look For The Weekend.


Hey ladies,

So it has come to my attention that a lot of ladies are afraid to try out the nude makeup look, they think its a bit difficult to manage or it might not suite their face or what not. One thing i love about this look is its versatility, it could give you a soft natural look or it could change your outlook totally and make you more vibrant.

Here are some pictures that would inspire you to try out the nude neutral make over this weekend.

#get your brushes ready



This inspired  nude makeup look comes with a dramatic smokey eyes that is a perfect wedding make-over. You can add a little bit of color ( light off cause ) to make your eyes a little bit smokey, this look goes well if you want a little glam.



There are so many shades of nude lipsticks for the dark skinned lady, when getting one you should make sure you get a try out, don’t just walk into the make up store and pick any kind of shade you come across, if the store doesn’t offer try out’s it might not be the best place to get your lipstick.

You can add a little bit of color( light off cause ) to make your eyes a little bit smokey, this look goes well if you want a little glam.

Now if you desire a softer look then this  inspired nude makeup look is your best bet it looks cool and sensual and its a look you can totally rock during the day or at night.



This look draws more attention to the eyes which has on nude inspired blend eye shadow and less attention to the lips as the lip color blends with the the skin color making this a very soft look.


real pic

This inspired nude makeup look is perfect for Events and shows as it draws attention to the cheek with the light pink blush and eyes, the nude glittery lipstick blends perfectly with the glittery eye-shadow.


This nude inspired makeup look is perfect for for daytime, as it gives you a natural easy look #no hassle #no fuss.



So ladies take a chance with the inspired nude makeup look #glam up.



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