February, 2015

Mens’ Wears: Ankara LookBook

Mens’ Wears: Ankara LookBook

Advertisements Most men are not very fashion conscious like the women,I stand to be corrected if i’m wrong and do not really patronize the ankara fabric. And the Ankara is a fabric that has been in the market for quite some time but didn’t get a good market catch as…

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Monday Formal Wears

Our lovely weekends have come to an end, how fast and quick it flew by..sad much and another Monday is here, and the work continues Monday through to Friday all over again! Did you go for a wedding? Did the Boo take you out to dinner? Did you go to…

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Midi Skirt Or JumpSuite – What To Wear To Work

So today is Friday which can also only mean one thing, “the weekend is here” what would you be wearing to work today?Here is the start of the lovely weekend and we also don’t have to be so formal in our dressing but also still need to look work presentable….

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Wigs – Rock The New Hair

Ever wondered how that stylist whose hair you love keeps changing up her hairstyles just in time and still always looking fashionable. Yeah! wigs!.. Wigs, the easy way for a fast and beautiful hairstyle which come in different styles, colors and types for your preference giving one a complete change…

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The Ankara Trend – More From Our Ankara LookBook

The ankara trend is so diverse and its varying colors and patterns make way for so many fabulous designs and styles of its wearers. It is so timeless and always allows room for improvement, innovations and creativity. Everyone including the old and young and beautiful are all over this trend with bold pieces,…

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Ankara Fashion: The Two Color Prints Look Book

Happy Monday! Hope we all had a wonderful weekend…Yes we back to work!. Ever seen those beautiful Ankara pieces and styles where the patterns or if you like to call them prints are the same but come in different colors and how the prints are sewn into beautiful clothing and…

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Men’s Fashion for Women: The New Wedding look.

  Men’s Fashion for Women: The New Wedding look. Is Androgyny the new cool? Can we ladies also rock men’s fashion and still kill it? We already wear Bae’s big shirt, steal his boxers and feel cozy in all that but have you ever wondered wearing bae’s Agbada and still…

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What are you wearing? The color RED

Excited! Valentine’s day is finally here people and I bet you already loving up bae some more today but still, what are you wearing ladies??..So the trend has always been to wear ‘red’ a touch of red or go out all fabulous in red. Yeah! it sure can be cliche….

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What is on your wishlist for valentine’s day?

So still in the season of love, and a day more to Valentine’s Day. A day like no other and celebrating love should be made as special as possible, regardless of if you have Bobo or not. But quickly for those without Boo, self-love is also sweet, give yourself a…

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Makeup Essentials For Your Valentine Look

So for those out there who are ready to up their makeup game but don’t know what is essential, here is a few of what makes an essential make up, we have our: Eyebrow Pencils, Lip Pencils, Mascara, Our Brushes (Know what all your brushes are for too), Lipsticks, like we…

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