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Anytime you hear about skin lightening with whitening, you might think that it is a very complicated process. Well, do not be afraid; it is a very simple process that requires you to follow a few basic steps and all will be well.

Although you can find the instructions on how to apply your skin lightening cream on its containers, but each person may require slightly different application instructions to get different results, as people’s creams are different.

Skin lightening cream

Thus, you need a guide on this. Here are the five basic steps in getting the best results out of your skin lightening cream;


Begin by washing your skin with warm water to remove dirt and also open the pores of the skin. Opening the skin pores will facilitate easy and quick penetration of oils and nutrients into the skin.


Yes! After cleaning the skin, you need to exfoliate the area you are going to apply the skin lightening cream to. Therefore, exfoliating the skin helps to remove the dead and old cells leaving only the live cells behind. Do this by rubbing exfoliating cream gently into the skin in circular motions.


Once you have finished exfoliating the skin, rinse it with warm water and then dry it with a soft towel. Try not to rub the skin to avoid damaging the live cells. Patting the skin is recommended since it allows you to dry your skin effectively without damaging the live cells.


When you are through with drying your skin, you can now apply the cream. Use your fingertips to apply the cream on the skin, rub it gently in a circular motion until your skin becomes saturated.

 You may be using it all over your body, in which case you may need some help reaching parts of your back such as a brush, or you may just be applying to one area like the face or hands.


As funny as it might sound, patience is the next step. Yes! You need to remember that skin lightening is a gradual process thus, you should not expect results to show up overnight. If you found a product that did bleach your skin bone white overnight, it would most probably have terrible long term side effects. You need to keep applying the cream regularly so that you can achieve the desired results.


With these steps, you are likely to see noticeable changes on the skin after a few weeks of using your skin lightening cream, but the complete transformation can only be achieved after a few months depending on your skin type, and how many tones lighter you’re aiming to go.

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