Get The Smokey Eye

Everyone wants their eye makeup to look on point and doing a Smokey eye helps achieve this but not everyone gets how to do the Smokey eye makeup. And that’s why we are here to guide you through. So the first thing is to understand and know your eye shape….

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Corporate wears: The trumpet skirt

I wonder who came up with the name though. Anyways, the trumpet skirts can be pictured as those skirts in which the detail of the skirt has a flare to it at the hems. It is trendy, versatile and highly body flattering being fitted from the waistline to the knee…

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How to style up your Dashiki

For those that don’t know what a dashiki is, let me give you a brief explanation. It is a colorful garment that is worn by men and women in West Africa mostly. I said ‘mostly’ because now it’s globally worn by different people of different walks of life. It is…

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Wearing Your Leather Pieces Fashionably

When it comes to leather clothing’s, Many ladies tend to shy away from wearing leather, some think it’s a fashion that is peculiar with a certain people, or even not suitable for our weather or just a confusing one to try out. Whichever the case may be, wearing leather is…

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Asoebi Trend on Instagram Over The Weekend

When it comes to events, the women always have something new to show us through their various native styles they have sewn up by their wonderful tailors. Aso ebi styles never seem to fade, there will always  be more glamorous weddings to attend and more competition with our dressing’s never-the-less…

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What to Wear To Work – FreeStyle Edition

  Every  combination  we  pull  out  of  our  wardrobe  just doesn’t  seem  to  give  that  push  we  want.  This  are  days  we  like  to  call  “Off days”  or  better  yet  “lazy days”  and  we  have  got  just  the  perfect  inspiration  guide  for  you.    Firstly,  have  your  blazer  handy  and…

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What to wear to Church: English Wears Edition

We had initially talked about what to wear to church here.  But we just want you to decide what you think is best from our array of choices. Every day we are constantly at questions and choices of what to wear and since a week comprises mostly of work days, Monday through…

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The oleku/Iro and Buba Fashion Trend

Whether or not you like it, tying of wrapper is more of an African thing. We seem to have found a way to stylishly still tie wrappers almost anywhere and almost any event. Lol…I would have said everywhere but we still haven’t been able to creep it into clubs or…

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How to Rock the Bralet Fashion Trend.

The Bralet is not exactly a new trend but still a lovely one to be caught wearing! It gives for a more seductive or appealing look to the eye due to its name ‘’Bralet”. So basically, a bralet is more like a bra but goes a little more down, so…

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Hairstyles of the Week

It is always fun to experiment with your hair, try on new looks, get compliments and so many options and colors to choose from. So here are some hairstyles you can try out if you are due for a new hairdo. Long full hair with bouncy curls, the look we…

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all black everything

Black Dresses – Check Out All Black Everything.

Today is just black dresses. We aren’t mourning nobody, but appreciating the beauty of the color Black, which can be pulled off so easily. Although we do have rare incidents where one didn’t wear it right so today we here to help and make sure you dress it up right….

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Hair Fascinators and Hat trend

Wedding hair fascinators and hat are in trend, brides, wedding guests now stylishly wearing the fascinators and hats at Nigerian weddings, and even for church services. Whether you’re a a bride, a bridesmaid, a guest, or the mother of the bride, an hair fascinator or hat is sure to add…

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