DIY Hair: Twist out Your Hair

Advertisements Today is all about hair! I want to show you a quick and easy diy hair technique to have beautiful looking curls if you are a natural haired girl! It’s called a twist out. It’s so quick and easy to do and I like the way the curls look…

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Rocking the Culottes trend to work

Culottes are the perfect trend to wear this season! They are very roomy at the bottom giving you the freedom of a big skirt. If you wear culottes it almost looks like you’re wearing a skirt because it has a flattering hemline and a very versatile shape just like a…

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How to take care of shoes (Part two)

This post is sequel to the first part. How to take care of  shoes The next point we need to take note of when going care of shoes is the materials in which the shoe was made from. For leather shoes, polish them to maintain moisture and shine. Also when…

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flat shoe1

Flat shoes for all occasions.

I don’t know about you but for me, wearing heels for a long time gets me cranky! Flat shoes for all occasions. I mean, how can something so beautiful cause so much pain! I love to rock heels whenever I want to look glamorous for any occasion (sometimes to work, I…

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Ankara Inspired Work Wear

We cannot stop gushing about how versatile the Ankara print, until you join the movement and gush with us! This time around we are bringing ideas that would enable you wear Ankara to work especially if you are working in a creative environment that is not strict on the dress…

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Lets Talk About Fringe

Fringe is one trend that is never out of fashion, every year it comes back to your wardrobe. On the runway, a lot of designers had fringe looks! But it real life, fringe is a bit tricky to pull off, if done too much, it looks like a costume. One…

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Using Banana as a Face mask.

Health is wealth they say, so a good idea that would help curb this issues with the skin without destroying them is to use natural fruits and organic products. Organic products have little to no chemicals in them. In this article I specifically want to talk about the benefits of…

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Taking care of shoes (part one)

One very important aspect of fashion and life in general involves having a good maintenance attitude towards items that you own, this includes taking care of those items that you value and what else can be more valuable in your wardrobes than your shoes? If you can extend the life…

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Multi- Colored braids – How To Style

Ever thought of rocking coloured braid with colors like blue, purple e.t.c ? Anything but black! What? You don’t think it’ll look good? Aren’t you tired of the usual same color braid look? This summer, try adding a little color in your braid hairstyle. Reggae queen Patra and Janet Jackson…

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Bridal inspiration For Traditional Weddings

Let’s not kid ourselves every lady looks forward to the time when she’ll show her people the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and receive their blessings. Yes, I’m talking about traditional wedding. It would be an added bonus to be the beautiful and stunningly…

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How to care for your weaves

Do you always wonder why your weaves don’t last long on your hair? Here are some tips to guide you on taking care of your weaves: 1) Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf and stocking to hold down the scarf so that you protect the weave from tangling….

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Rules for mixing Ankara prints

Have you ever thought about mixing Ankara prints? The rules of the fashion industry are ever changing and things that were once considered faux pas are now being embraced by those of us who are trying to make a statement. One of the classic rules gone rogue would be mixing…

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