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6 Amazing Styles From Fans You Should See

The month is almost coming to an end and we at fashion police decided to do a ‘THANK YOU’ package for our fans. Here goes the best Facebook pictures we’ve received, thanks for sharing peeps. Now the count down begins…. The first one I’ll be taking up is this beautiful…

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Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips

  With makeup being one of the most important accessory for every lady this days, we’ve decided to give you different dramatic eye makeup to use for your eye colour and shape. Cat eye and Miami eye. Start by applying a neutral base then get a good liner and line your eyes,…

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nnaji 1

Women Crush Wednesday #1: Genevieve Nnaji

So yeah its women crush Wednesday and our crush for this week is our one and only Genevieve nnaji. We will be looking at her wardrobe, her styles, fashion trend , hair,make up and what ever that gives her that unique style, the girl power spirit and the confidences that’s…

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yemi alade crop top

Crop Tops Fad – Chicky, Plus Size And Many More Styles

So yeah we all know crop tops are back whether you know them as belly shirt, half shirt, midriff shirt, midriff top, tummy top, short shirt, or cut-off shirt. Crop tops are something to play around with either you want to look dressy, go to the beach, to the movies or even to the club. It’s…

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