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Its almost the end of the year and at the beginning of the year there were things that we set out to do but haven’t been able to accomplish for several reasons. I believe there is still time to fulfill this, rather than procrastinating take charge to do some of those things before the year ends, here are 4 things that we think you should fulfill before the new-year;


1. Fulfill your goals: There is a list that many of us wrote down about the things we wanted fulfilled before the new-years, I know I wrote down some late into the year, but it seems I’ve started and not completed them so am deciding to finish at least 2 to make myself feel better, you can be like me.

2. Think about your goals for the New-Year: There are definitely somethings in your previous list that would roll over to the new one’s but thinking about your goals would help you analyze and reflect on the year so far.

3. Boost your Job search: Applying for jobs at this point is a bit disappointing and since the recession hit  lot of folks have been un-eager to apply for jobs. Don’t be discouraged you never know what upcoming companies would decide they need to employ people in any case it would be great to update your LinkedIn profile.

4. Medical Checkup: Health is Wealth, you may not consider this a necessity at the moment since you are hail and hearty but regular checkups are very important as they can reveal ailments that you never knew was there. Before the new-year get a full medical check, try to see a dentist for dental cleaning, a gynecologist and an obstetrician.


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