Get Your Man a BowTie to Stand-out at That Event


Why wear a bow tie to an event? Why not wear the normal kind of tie to an event? Why should I forfeit the usual for the usual? The answer is in the question,wear a bow tie because it’s different,wear a bow tie simply because it’s an unusual trend and it’s classy. Yea….CLASSY.
This doesn’t mean that the long normal tie is not classy,but when there is something different about something,you can’t help but notice.
A bow ties stands you out from the crowd simply because it’s not what they would usually see you wear. As beautiful and classy the bow tie is,it can be completely fabulous or dreadful. Its not every event or outing you wear a bow tie to. For some event,maybe a black tie dinner. Showing up in a bow tie is an insult,the host must have a reason for making it a black tie event,therefore,your fashion style is portrayed as an insult.
It is important you match your bow tie to your outfit,either with your handkerchief or socks.



Yea…socks. colored socks are in vogue now,so it’s not far-fetched. You cant wear an outfit that is far from the bow tie. The bow tie draws enough attention,wearing the wrong one is fashion murder.
Knotting a bow ties isn’t as easy as knotting a normal tie. Therefore,if you want to look classy,then knotting the perfect bow is important. If you have to learn it…do it. it will make all the difference.

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