How to Care for your Hair this Rainy Season

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The rains have been upon us of late and for us ladies, it is more essential that we take more care of our hair, be it braids, weaves or you natural hair. In our previous post, we talked on how to care for weaves, so

ladies with braids on or hair extensions this is for you. The first and most important thing which we must have in our bags is our Umbrella or anything decent to use to cover our hair, some ladies carry a shower cap. But just like we can’t always be right when it comes to the weather, if you do get wet, caught up under the rain on your braids, after the downpour is over, most likely when you are in the comfort of your house, divide your braids into sections of various amounts 3,4,5, depending on how full your hair is. Wash with shampoo section by section, rinse off, apply your hair conditioner and rinse off once more. Dab your hair with a towel, to absorb the water from the braids and leave to air dry. You could also use a blow dryer to save time and faster results.

Afterwards oil it.For the hair extensions and weaves if gotten wet, a similar process is done but when washing, apply in a downward motion, this helps to remove any dirts in the weave. So with this few tips always make sure to keep your hair dry, never sleep on a wet or damp hair.


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