Layer Your Lipstick With The Ombre Lips Effect

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So what do you do when you can’t decide between lipstick colors? Layer them, of course! One of the most fun ways to layer your lipstick is to do an  ombré effect.


I’m going to teach you a simple easy way to achieve an ombré look using three lipsticks to achieve the look shown above.
You’ll need:
1.A light pink lipstick
2.A pink lipstick
3.A nude lipstick
4.A pink lip gloss.
Ready? Here we go.

There are few easy steps that you should follow :

1. Outline the lips with a nude liner and blend it with a lip brush .

2. Take a light pink lipstick and fill in the lips. Again blend them with a brush.

3. Now outline your lips with a purple lipstick .

4. To the center of your lips blend the light pink lipstick.

5.  Fill in your lips with a pink lipstick and blend them well.

6.  With a lip brush apply light pink lip gloss to the center of your lips .

7.  Again take your purple lipstick and add color to the outer corners of your lips . Blend !

8. Clean up any smudges with at concealer Done !

For more inspiration, check these out.



Now we can rock ombré lips!
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