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There is never enough info on the conducts of a bridesmaid during the wedding day, many times I’ve heard people talk about how they were left hanging to figure out every detail they required. If you are a bride, potential bride or just any female who isn’t married then you need to know that you have an obligation to your bridesmaid, vice versa.

There is always the question “Who pays for the bridesmaid makeup?” I don’t know about every other part of the country, what I understand from this part is that the bridesmaid pay for their own makeup, only about 5% of brides cover the makeup expenses of their bridesmaid, however for some people, deals are struck with the makeup artiste, this way the prices would be reduced but for many you have to carry the full bulk of the load that comes with being a bridesmaid including the high makeup cost.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina



As a bridesmaid doing your own makeup is one of the options you have, this saves you cost and you don’t have to think about running around looking for a makeup artiste (Saturdays are a busy day). The aim for your makeup should be to be glamorous but not so much that you would still the show from the bride remember that its her day and the focus should e on her not you. Therefore you need to go with a subtle glam and you also need to go with the theme of the wedding.

Below is a video from YouTube Makeup artiste Jackie Aina



This video should serve as a guideline for any bridesmaid that wants a lovely and soft look.

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