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#Casual Work Day – What to Wear to Work

Advertisements ‎So, yeah its Thursday morning and tomorrow is Friday. Choosing an outfit for official business on Thursdays always borders on the fact that the weekend is just a day away. So, we don’t want to look very official like on a Monday morning and at the same time we don’t want to look too casual since…

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After we have combined and blended our colors, this is the icing on the ‘cake’, ACCESSORIES! The right accessory for your combination will make or mar all the effort you’ve put in combining your outfit. Imagine a Christmas Tree without the balls and the lights, its bare! That’s the way your…

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Trending Hairstyles of The Month

Braids….popularly known as ‘PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLE’. this style can never go out of fashion. It is comfortable and makes you look chic to every event. You get the opportunity of being creative with it, weaving it into different styles to suit each event.   This is one hairstyle you’ll gladly sit…

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beauty of our nails how to keep them clean

I do not know if you realize, but the nice manicure is not just a matter of successful polishing. You may be professional manicurists, but if your nails are unhealthy, you will not achieve the effect you pursue. Like any other part of your body, they need regular care and…

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Amazing Perfumes That Blew Our Minds in 2014

Well we all know that however nice your outfit or makeup is, if it is not properly aligned with a perfume to make heads turn, then not much has been done. Perfumes have always been in vogue even in the days of our fore fathers! According to Wikipedia, “Perfumes have…

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