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What to wear to Church: English Wears Edition

We had initially talked about what to wear to church here.  But we just want you to decide what you think is best from our array of choices. Every day we are constantly at questions and choices of what to wear and since a week comprises mostly of work days, Monday through…

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How to Wear Brogues #ShoeTREND ALERT

Girls we need to learn how to wear brogues. This particular footwear probably isn’t as popular in our world today. A lot of people are still wondering how and why this footwear complements a style. Because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not fashionable.Well,that’s why we are here. To keep…

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Aso-Ebi Style – How to choose a good Aso-Ebi.

As Africans,especially Nigerians,choosing an aso-ebi has become an integral part of our event. Hardly would you attend a wedding,burial,birthday,dedication etc and the family members and friends aren’t in uniform. Its a raving trend and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. This one has come to…

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Amazing Perfumes That Blew Our Minds in 2014

Well we all know that however nice your outfit or makeup is, if it is not properly aligned with a perfume to make heads turn, then not much has been done. Perfumes have always been in vogue even in the days of our fore fathers! According to Wikipedia, “Perfumes have…

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We Breath Fashion

    African fashion has evolved from the very traditional look which serves as symbol of status and allegiance to tribal roots to the modern day look which involves combining the old with the new, wearing traditional clothing along with western styles. African fashion involves the fusion of unique African…

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