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The Power of A Good Make Up: Before Meets After

Advertisements  Like we have constantly said and fact as we know it, make up has become a great deal and keeps growing every day. People watching YouTube videos, Instagram posts, reading blogs to better perfect the art. But despite all these, we still have the professionals out there whom we…

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Saturday Weddings: Election/Valentine’s Version

Another Wedding Saturday: A week before Election/Valentine’s Day. And just like the heading says, it’s yet another wedding Saturday and someone is getting married somewhere in Lagos, and ladies are getting set to kill the men them with their stunner Aso-ebi styles, Gele set and Make up on point. That’s…

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Sunglasses Are Seriously Trending Right Now. But Why ?

Sunglasses has been an important part of fashion for a while now. Coupled with the fact that celebrities both home and abroad has adopted this mode of fashion,it has spread like wild fire. Despite the rave, some still have reservations on how sun glasses adds to their fashion sense. However,as…

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Fashion tip Friday – Get a RED on…

There is something about the colour RED. You’ve probably noticed the rave about trending colours. And Red is number one. From shoes to dresses, neck pieces and lipstick. The boldness and brightness of this colour is amazing. It brings out the best in your style, a touch of it sometimes…

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