The Power of A Good Make Up: Before Meets After

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 Like we have constantly said and fact as we know it, make up has become a great deal and keeps growing every day. People watching YouTube videos, Instagram posts, reading blogs to better perfect the art. But despite all these, we still have the professionals out there whom we so fondly call the “MUA’S”- Make Up Artists who take make up to a whole new level and make you wonder in awe.

How they achieve the after pictures almost leaves you feeling like someone went through a surgery.

But essentially for one to achieve this superb and flawless make up from a before look of someone with facial scars, or any hitch whatsoever, it is required that you have the right make up tools and materials, have your professional brush set, make up which should contain materials such as a good foundation product, two shades to be precise, one being compact and the other being a liquid type, concealer, primer, moisturizer, lipsticks, bronzer, blusher, eye pencils, lip liners, toners, mascara, eye shadows, and a good finishing powder and finishing spray.

Make up in the end is to make you more beautiful and these Mua’s have done a pretty good job. Here are a few before and after pictures from some Mua’s lookbook.







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