Today On MAN CRUSH MONDAY: MCM – Alex Ekubo

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Yeah! You know what happens on a Monday. Yup! You got that right. It’s our usual time of the week “Man Crush Monday’’ and who do we have on our crush list this Monday? Whose Fashion style are we loving today?  Almost every fashionable man celebrity is a potential man crush. But today is just for the Nigerian Actor and Model, Alex Ekubo. Our very own ‘‘johnny’’…lol.



alex-ekubo1 alexx

So why are we loving Johnny today, okay! Alex Ekubo for those who might not know him as Johnny. He keeps us following and alive with that body of his, and works that model body in striking Men’s wear. Suits, traditional attires, Casual, Red carpet, Alex always brings something new to the table, looking all Suave and stylish and with that sexy grin he sends to the ladies..hmmn!. No wonder the ladies are all looking for him… so have you seen johnny…do tell him he tops our crush list today, so till next week, do look at some of Alex Ekubo’s style trends.

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