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Afraid of colour? Let neon nails conquer your fears. The bright shades are perfect and make accessorising with a colour super easy. Neon is undeniably awesome, it’s an instant mood booster. Like many other styles of nail art, there are tons of ways to wear neon on your nails. You can go all out, with a full neon manicure, or you can go for a more subdued look with neon accents.

The bright neon colours looks really bright and catchy. These colours will surely get you a lot of attention and make you feel like a star. However, it is important to choose colours that suit you and your nails. Consider your skin tone, hair colour and also the makeup that you generally wear so that neon nail art compliments your look and makes you look even more stunning.

We wear neon nail polish for an explosion of bright colour. Here is the super simple trick to getting the most out of it: a white base coat. It’s an often overlooked step that really makes a difference in the wow factor you want. This acts like a paint primer and helps achieve the true neon colour you’re going for.

No matter what your personal style is, here are 6 awesome designs to inspire your own neon nails…




Pink and blue









Neon nail polishes have won over the hearts of many. The brighter the colour, the better!

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