Using Banana as a Face mask.

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Health is wealth they say, so a good idea that would help curb this issues with the skin without destroying them is to use natural fruits and organic products. Organic products have little to no chemicals in them.


In this article I specifically want to talk about the benefits of using banana as a face mask.


Here are the benefits:
Banana is great for acne prone skin because it nourishes the skin and dries out the pimple.
and even smooth wrinkles when applied directly to the skin. Eating bananas is also a great way to beautify as its contents: vitamins C and B6, manganese and water helps  improve your complexion from within.
Honey helps keep skin hydrated and  fresh and prevents drying.
Lemon exfoliates the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of acne.


So.. How do you prepare the face mask using banana, honey and lemon.
Step 1: Cut the banana into pieces and mash them in a bowl.
Step 2: Add the honey and lemon juice to the mashed banana and mix properly.
Step 3: Apply this mix to your face and leave on for 15-30 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse well with a warm washcloth.

Repeat these steps as often as you can and you’ll notice a difference is your skin.
If you have other suggestions using banana as a DIY beauty ingredient, leave a comment below.

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