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I just want to remind all of you married, engaged or in a relationship ladies/guys that there is a phase and time in a relationship that would look like you can’t seem to connect with your partner, for married couples this means the initial excitement has worn off and suddenly you feel you haven’t really connected to your partner for quite a while because you’ve been pre-occupied with work.



Know this, it is normal in relationships to fluctuate through phases but while you are in a phase that looks like you are not able to connect then its time to gear up and look for ways to reconnect with your partner, here are some tips on what to do and what to discuss that you should try out:

1.Talk about favorite memories that you both shared but also talk about the memory you would like to make in the future.

2. Communicate and discuss each others sexual fantasies.

3. Talk about stories of when you where in secondary school and how you’ve grown so far and how far you want to grow.

4. Try out a recipe together, cooking always bring out the best ( and worst lol) in people.

5. Plan a trip together and endeavor to take that trip because it helps you to bond and a different environment helps.

6. Check on each other during workdays with a quick email, phone call or text.

7. Give your spouse/bea other a massage, this helps a whole lot.

8. Now this may look counter-intuitive but respecting each others space and alone time helps.

9. Sleep naked

10. Get intimate in unexpected location sometimes the bedroom doesn’t just cut it.

11. Get creative with your love language, “boo” “Bea”  “i love you” is old.

12. Take a dance class together, take walks together.

13. Go to comedy shows or any event together.

14. Foreplay before sex is important so don’t just rush into sex try a little foreplay.

15 Ask your partner what they are doing or up to… really listen.

I endeavor that you try this 15 ways to reconnect with your partner because one or more of this tips might just be the deal breaker everytime you feel like you cannot connect with your partner.

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