Wedding Beauty – Amazing Pictures of Northern Weddings in Nigeria

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At first I didn’t even want to say anything about this post.I just wanted to upload the pictures and move on. But  I had to just mention some things (U guys know I am a talkative now)

This weddings are largely by the northern states politicians are largely one of the most expensive. You guys cant even begin to comprehend how much liquid cash those guys have (even though they are supposed to be battling the insurgency there).



The one that is even paining me is that the rich are just marrying themselves (no space for us hustlers).

From Aisha Dangiwa Umar, the daughter of former military governor of Kaduna to Musta pha Adamu Aliero son of former governor of Kebbi state. We know have Safia Meena Ali marrying Umar Yuguda. Its just plain unfair.

I mean this guys are looking so colorful and pretty. Their head tie. looks so perfect and don’t even get me started with the shoes. Ohh my God the shoes are to die for!!
Anyways it is only a matter of time before we do our own IJN. Amen

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